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Shanxi Oriental Material Handing Co.,Ltd (OMH) founded in December 1995.Taiyuan OMH software Co.,Ltd,Taiyuan OMH equipment Co.,Ltd ,Shanxi oriental material mechanical , Shanghai Dongzijie Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.and OMH Software Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen)are the wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries of OMH.On June 30.2015, OMH is listed in Shenzhen Stock exchange, the stock code is 300486 and the stock name is “Dongjie intelligent”.

OMH’s headquarter and technology center is situated in Caoping District in Taiyuan,the office space is about 12000 meters.

The company has 2 production bases.The first manufacture site is located in Taiyuan national economic development zone with a production plant of 36,000 square meters, The manufacture site equipped with 13 meters laser cutting machine, machining center, CNC flame cutting machine, shot-blasting machine,6 meters CNC shearing machine and bending machine, automatic powder coating production line, and many computer numerical control machine tools, etc.

The second production base is the intelligent equipment and industrial robot park located in Taiyuan stainless industrial park.Covers an area of 150 acres, production plant area of 103700 square meters, experimental base 23000 square meters, the production base will be built in line with "China made 2025 plan" intelligent factory.

The main business of the company is the design, manufacture, installation, adjustment and sale of the intelligent logistics complete sets of equipment. The company's main products include intelligent logistics convey system, intelligent logistic storage system, intelligent three-dimensional parking system, AGV industrial robots, supply chain software five categories.

Intelligent logistic convey system is mainly used as automated conveyor line combined with automation, electrical control, software management and other technology for making the machining ,assembling and spraying efficiently and accurately by controlling materials or products in specified location and time in the process of production. Intelligent logistic convey products contain friction conveyor system, skid conveyor system, chain conveyor system mainly and widely used in automobile ,medicine, electronic commerce, household appliance ,mechanical and other industries.

Intelligent logistic storage system is mainly used as automated storage and distributing and sorting equipment combined with racks, stacker crane, automatic conveyor system ,robotic palletizing system, testing system, communication system, automated control system, computer monitoring system and synthesized automated controlling and transporting, pre-automating sorting ,automated transporting and software platform to making the cargo management automated and intelligently. Intelligent logistic storage system is widely used in medicine, food and beverage, cold-chain logistics , electronic commerce and FMGG industries, etc.

The company's intelligent parking system is based on solving the problem of parking in urban development. The company has the production qualification of all intelligent parking garages widely used in the market. The intelligent parking system developed by the company includes many kinds of intelligent parking systems, such as tower parking system, storage parking system, lifting and sliding parking, simple lifting parking system, aisle-stacking parking and multi-floor circular parking system, etc.

AGV system is a potential intelligent logistics flexible transportation and conveyor equipment.AGV industrial robot designed by our company guided by bar code, laser and GPS is suitable for warehouse, workshop,terminal,assembly line and other work situations.The company actively layout AGV industrial robots. Industrial robots will form a good synergy between factory automation and warehousing automation business.

The company's software products are mainly to meet the needs for supply chain domain automation logistics information system integration.Company not only provide complete series of software used in intelligent logistic equipment, but also supply the strategic consulting, planning and design ,platform technology and professional services to help our customers realizing O to O lagers sales. Automated logistic information system such as WMS,WCS, Logistic integrate information management system and automated automobile information system development by our company has been widely used in automobile, medicine, electronic commerce ,FMGG and other industries.

The company is specialized in providing intelligent logistics equipment of high-tech companies.The strategy core of the company is “Giving creation free wings to meet the needs of the times”.The company always adheres to the road of "independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation".OMH pay great attention to technology innovation and has established “OMH Technology Centre” in 2000.At present, the company has 78 patents.There are numbers of new products and technology present each year. Parts of those have achieved the international advanced technic . OMH was recognized as “high-tech company”, “provincial corporate technology centre” and “top 100 Promising Enterprise of Shanxi ”by Shanxi Trade and Economic Committee. Furthermore, OMH has also been listed as “high-tech enterprise” by Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology committee, Shanxi Finance Department, National Tax Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau.

In the future, the company will further consolidate the position of the intelligent logistics delivery equipment industry,seize the development opportunity brought by "4.0" industrial,become bigger and stronger in the field of electronic commerce, achieve rapid growth of smart logistics warehousing equipment orders,Intelligent logistics warehousing equipment orders for rapid growth, strengthen the intelligent parking system of market development, enhance the market influence; increase the supply chain software product development efforts, enhance the added value of the company's products and profit level.

The company take "invigorate enterprises through scientific and technological development, with high quality, high-tech products to serve the society" for business development strategy.Through longitudinal deepening of the product and technology,deepening of the market and regional,deepening of the industry application field,company comprehensively improve the level of technology, increase investment in research and development, increase production capacity, broaden the market, further improve the company's products market share and industry recognition.The company will be closely linked to the pulse of the times, take"constant innovation to powerful chain manufacture, concert strive to brilliant national industry" as the mission, make full use of China manufacturing 2025 and 4.0 new models of intelligent manufacturing industry, explore new ways to develop better intelligent logistics, inherit the past, beyond their own.OMH will continue to bring eadvanced and  reliable intelligent logistics equipment technology and products to customers in various industries.

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