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OMH’s technical team has a high and wide vision on the logistic systems, and has a deep understanding and rich experience for storage system, conveyor system, sorting system, transporting system, etc. We can stand on the view of whole system to analysis the characteristic and data for our customers, so as to complete the planning and the equipment selection.

We can make the simulation videos and tests for our customer, and get different results by changing the parameters. Using the simulation results, the customer can make a right decision and feel the running status before the system’s development.

OMH has rich software development experience for WCS, WMS/TMS/DMS, ERP/SCM/3PL, etc. and can link the three-level software to have the right data exchange. We have software copyrights for WCS, WMS and ERP.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems(AS/RS) is one of the key component of modern logistics. It’s a high-bay warehouse consists of auto-control system, monitoring system, warehouse management system(WMS), racks, stacker crane, automatic conveyor system and robotic palletizing system.Materials are delivered to storage racks by entering and exiting conveyor system, and then the laneway stacker cranes will perform the storage/retrieval function automatically.The whole process is achieved by computer and auto-control system. Automated storage and retrieval system is widely used in manufacturing, light, medicine, electrical appliance industries and other fields such as commercial businesses, material distributing centres, and tobacco factories.

AS/RS maximize the space, realize integration of logistics resources, optimize logistics process, shorten the logistics operation cycle, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs, to achieve logistics standardization and normalization while building an automated warehouse. It guarantees efficiently the management, control and distribution of goods. For the reasons above, AS/RS is a highly automated and informationizing logistic system that integrates with pick-distribute, storage and demand forecast.

Distribute center is a warehouse system with ASRS, conveyors and sorting system. In the center, the goods are treated with sorting, repacking, temporary storage; value added service, info treatment and other services. It is a facility that imputing the goods as a whole according the orders of a lot of customers, and distributing and outputting the goods exactly as the customer demanding.

Directed by the concept of modern material handling development and aided by advanced software and control technology, OMH makes its effort to design and manufacture material distribution centre and automated storage and retrieval systems that will fully meet the needs of its customers.

OMH uses the concept of modern logistics development with core logistic information technology, and adopts advanced simulation technology and finite element calculation theory. We provide our customers with best logistic solution, meticulous design, European standard technology and comprehensive turnkey project.

The advantages of AS/RS

1、Improve space utilization.

The space utilization efficiency of AS/RS interrelates with its planning. Generally speaking, the space utilization of the high-bay warehouse is several times more than ordinary warehouse. In the case of the high land value, high-bay storage is widely acclaimed.

2、Easy to form advanced logistics system, improve the level of production management

AS/RS adopts advanced automatic conveyors, not only to achieve automatic storage and retrieval according to requirements, but also combined perfectly with the logistics equipment outside the warehouse(e.g. conveyors, RGV/AGV),to form an automatic logistics system. Through computer management system and automatic material handling equipment, warehouse becomes an important part of the production logistics. This is a kind of “dynamic storage” and a significant technology trend in today’s automated warehouse development.

3、To accelerate the access to goods, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency

Another superiority of AS/RS is the high-speed capacity of storage and retrieval.

4、Reduce the inventory backlog of funds and save labor

AS/RS transmits the information and data timely and accurately to the related department or headquarters to reduce the backlog of stock funds through effective management and WMS concept. It reduces a lot staff due to equipment automation.

5、A sign of the modern enterprise

The mode of production that modern enterprise adopts is intensive mass production. That requires close link between each aspect of production process to form a whole system, requires production management to be scientific and practical, and requires decisions to be made scientifically. For the reasons above, the construction of high-bay warehouse is one of the powerful measures.

Types of Storage Systems

◆ Single-deep pallet storage system One or two mast SRM, can handle up to 4 tons unit load, and up to height 40M.

◆ Double-deep pallet storage system Using double-deep telescopic fork, can handle up to 1.25 tons unit load, up to 2.5 tons SRM load, and up to height 35M.

◆ Double-position pallet storage system SRM uses two telescopic forks, or one fork handles two pallets at one time.

◆ Multi-deep pallet storage system (channel storage system) Using shuttles, can work together with SRMs or fork trucks.

◆ Flow rack storage system for pallets Racks with powerless rollers, and pallets move forward by gravity.

◆ AS/RS with no pallets The SRMs directly handle coils, paper reels, ULDs, etc.

◆ Storage system for special weights or sizes. One unit can afford up to a load of 20 tons, and to an overall height of 30M. Mini-load storage system.

◆ High-speed mini-load SRMs can handle trays, totes and cartons, and the speed can reach 360m/min.

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